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Las Vegas, NV

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Start Date
Jul 19, 2024
End Date
Jul 21, 2024

MGM Grand Garden Arena

Shows & Musicals 2024/2025

Shows: 1
  • Franco Escamilla
    8:30 PM
    MGM Grand Garden Arena | Capacity: 17157
    89109, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, US
    Prices from $21
    Avg. price ~ $252
    Available Tickets: 1745

Guide To Broadway Theater Seating Charts

Chose a poor sitting spot for a Broadway show, and you can ruin your enjoyment just like choosing the wrong show could. Watching your favourite novel, raw or based on true events, live on a stage can be nothing compared to the way it is in your head. All of this can be lessened by poorly chosen seats that will force you to have great neck contortion just to see the stage, or have you rearranging your baby’s toy to avoid anyone near you.When you decide to buy your ticket and choose your seats on Broadway, these are the factors you need to think about before you decide on your seats. Most seatings in a Broadway theatres will include an Orchestra, Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine. Some on the theatres will also give you the option to buy Balcony seats, Box seats and Standing Room.

  • Below is a detailed guide to enhance your understanding of the Broadway Seating Chart.

Orchestra Section

What is the Orchestra section?
Next to it is the Orchestra, a primary seating section where the majority of the audience is most likely sitting. This section is on the ground floor (no elevation) but it might slope up gradually towards the centre with back row number. Being the nearest to the stage, the Orchestra section is the most desired and the most expensive one in any Broadway theatre. It offers the best view of the stage and has the most leg room and no blocking view of the stage, especially from the centre and front rows.

Who should book a seat in the Orchestra section?
Orchestra is the right choice for those who are eager to seize the front stage view, to palpable experience the show in the clearest and brightest aura.

How expensive is the Orchestra?
As you might expect, given its front-row and head-on view, the Orchestra is the most expensive section of seats.

How is the view from the Orchestra section?
The best view on stage is in the Orchestra section. You can see more and you have no pillars to block your view.

Front Mezzanine

  • What is the Front Mezzanine section?
    If the theatre has more than one or two balconies, the front one, i.e. above the Orchestra, is called the Front Mezzanine. If two balconies are present, the back balcony, between the Orchestra and a high balcony, is the Rear Mezzanine.The view from the Front Mezzanine, since it is front and above the Orchestra, is rarely a bad one. It can possibly be the best one if you sit in the first couple of rows. Those seats are the most expensive to get.The Front Mezzanine can be founded only if the theatre designers decided to incorporate it above the Orchestra. In theatres with three balconies, there would rarely be more than a dozen rows there.
  • How expensive is the Front Mezzanine?
    The cheapest tickets are around the outer edges of the room in the very back, whereas the most expensive ones are in the front rows, within the orchestra section. Meanwhile, the seats in the Front Mezzanine are less costly that those in the Orchestra but more expensive than those in other sections – and sometimes their pricing matches that of Orchestra seats.
  • Who should book a seat in the Front Mezzanine?
    Visitors in the market for a less expensive option with better views would be interested in the Front Mezzanine.
  • How is the view from the Front Mezzanine?
    The Front Mezzanine will offer views of almost equal value as the Orchestra, from a higher perspective.

Rear Mezzanine

  • What is the Rear Mezzanine section?
    In theatres with a Front Mezzanine, a Rear Mezzanine will usually mirror its layout. In smaller theatres, this might be the farthest seating section from the stage, and it often feels moderately distant, with a view range correlating to the ticket price. However, the front row of the Rear Mezzanine can provide comparatively unobstructed viewing, making it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to avoid sacrificing too much for the price.
  • How expensive is the Rear Mezzanine?
    Moderate views have moderate prices, as reflected in the pricing of Rear Mezzanine seats. They are a middle-of-the-road option for theatre pricing.
  • Who should book a seat in the Rear Mezzanine?
    Budget-conscious patrons willing to forgo a view of the entire stage need look no further than the Rear Mezzanine.
  • How is the view from the Rear Mezzanine section?
    The Rear Mezzanine provides a basically moderate experience of the performance, with a reasonably good view of the stage from a distance.

Box Seats

  • What are Box Seats?
    Box seats, as the name suggests, are small, enclosed areas that are next to the orchestra level and the mezzanine level, and most of them have two to four seats. They provide more private and intimate theater-going experience, so they are usually known as great seating choices for dating or small groups occassions. Since the box seats are in high demand due to their exclusiveness, they usually sell out quickly because of the limited supply. Choosing the box seats that are located further away from the stage would be a wise idea, to maintain a better viewing distance.
  • How expensive are Box Seats?
    Contrary to all expectations (their luxury and bravura apart), box seats are often cheaper because of their partial or restricted view of the stage.
  • Who should book a seat in Box Seats?
    The occasional bird lover, for example, who wants to escape the distressing sight of hunted fowl, might also prefer a box seat. Indeed, box seats would be great for couples who want a private booth or secluded spot for a special occasion like a marriage proposal or a date.
  • How is the view from Box Seats?
    Holders of box seats are positioned behind a pillar to the far side of the theatre, and the view is less than ideal: a dimmed or obstructed view of the stage is not uncommon.

Balcony Section

  • What is the Balcony section?
    The Balcony in a Broadway theatre occupies the top of the theatre building and are the cheapest seats usually available. Because of the height and the distance from the stage, the view from the Balcony seats is perhaps the least remarkable. In theatres with a very curved balcony, seats on the ends of the balcony will give a side view of the stage. For Broadway theatre-goers trying to get last-minute tickets to a show or trying to minimize the cost of the tickets, getting the seats in the front rows of the Balcony can give the best seats in the house.
  • Who should book a seat in the Balcony section?
    Balconies offer views for thrifty theatre-goers who are more concerned with price than position.
  • How expensive is the Balcony?
    The cheapest seats in a Broadway theatre will always be the balcony seats, which are the most distant from the stage.
  • How is the view from the Balcony section?
    Considering its location high up behind the Mezzanine and considerable distance from the stage, Balcony views are surely not the best.